Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Pregnancy September 1, 2010

I am wrting so that in years to come if my daughter asks me what it was like to be pregnant with her, I will have some information for her....  I was saying that after my forst 3 months of being pregnant, all migraines/headaches went away...  what came was an insaciable appetite.  I wanted to eat all day, all the time.  So when I began this journey, and first saw Dr. Banzon, before he confirmed the pregancy was viable, I weighed 105-110 lbs.  It is amazing to believe that since then I have gained 60 pounds!  Yes, it is true... 
The way I see is I was always a very active person, well, one way or another.  Whether it was walking, brisk running, P90X, which was awesome...  For some odd reasons or reasons I just did, and ate whatever I felt like. By the time knew it, I was going to these doctors appointments and the nurses were telling me, "you know you gained 10, 20, 30"...  Yeah, I did realize that my hips were getting extrememly wide.  WTF!  Here I am 33 weeks into the pregnancy and I tell my husband I feel like a Umpa.Umpa from Willy Wonka, (the original).  Walking is God awful, and I am tired of complaining about it.

My Little Girl.. Part 2 September 2.10

Ok.. So I could not figure out how to edit part one of this note so I am beginning a new one.
I was speaking of my pregnancy in the first 3 months....
I was miserable, so to speak. Not with morning sickness, but the awful migraines I thought somehow I was I was going to get away from. Almost everyday I was "plagued" with these monstrosities in my head. Here is the catch, not only was I not allowed to take meds anymore, but Tylenol is a fucking joke! Take it from me, one who has suffered since the mere age of 19 with migraines. After many goings-to a specialist, they tell you "we don't know why they occur". "Thanks".
Let me get back on track.. This is about my little baby girl. 
We, my hubby and I decided to name her Fiorella BellaRosa.  I know quite the mouthful, huh?  Joe had a student when he taught in Emerson High School, by the way, where we had met over 5 years ago.  I believe the student was in a Chemistry class he was teaching.  Her name was Fiorella.  And from what he has told me about her character, she was always very nice, polite, and respectful.  When I heard the name, I instantly fell in love!  What a beautiful name!  We spoke about having children a while back, and decided that if we had a girl, her name would be Fiorella.
If was like a miracle.  At week 13 of my pregnancy, the headaches seemed to have disappeared...  It was so awesome!