Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Little Girl. Part One. August 31st. 2010

Good Morning!
I has been quite awhile since last writing. I do not know if I mentioned in earlier blogs that I was pregnant. My husband and I have been trying to conceive a child for sometime. We figured that our time must have been seriously off. We, after being married in 2008, had started trying , well, casually. Not taking much interest, just trying to enjoy our time as a newly married couple.
You know how weird it is when the proverbial biological clock starts ticking, and then all of the sudden you are getting apps for your phone, writing down and logging your last menstral period, and of course trying to figure out your ovulation, on more than one calendar at a time... Looking back, it makes me smirk, and laugh a little bit... Of course in a good way. Well, that clock was-a-ticking.... I had always said I wanted to be pregnant and have a child by the age of 35... How funny, and yet ironic at the same time, as it stands now, I am almost 33 weeks pregnant, my 36th birthday is next Monday; so I am a little off with my timing, but not by much. This baby is due October 23rd, although I keep on telling my husband, and about a thousand other people, she, yes she will be coming much earlier. Who knows, this little girl has her own mind, and a stubborn one at that. It is a girl!!!!!

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